Most frequent questions and answers

That is a common misconception because when we began 17 years ago, we sold Flying Horse property almost exclusively. Through the years we have become a full service, real estate brokerage company working within the boundaries of the state of Colorado. Our focus though is the northern communities of Colorado Springs and El Paso county.

Cemented as the northern communities of Colorado Springs premier experts, we are also partnered with one of the largest land developers in El Paso County. This unique relationship offers Flying Horse Realty an insider’s positional advantage when it comes to new community development information.  Our Insiders Briefing is a short presentation of what is happening in the area from a new communities and new development opportunities perspective that wouldn’t necessarily be known by other brokerages in the area. 

If you look at our playground up here, there’s a lot going in our favor. We’re close to all sorts of shopping, we’ve got activities and attractions, new entertainment venues, great schools, and lots of amenities. We’re obviously closer to Denver than other parts of the city which makes commuting a viable option for those who work in Denver. We’re also relatively close to the midpoint between DIA and the Colorado Springs airports which offers homeowners a greater degree of flight option.

From a lifestyle perspective, we still have growth up here because we have land! And the Colorado Springs lifestyle in particular, is a big magnet. We have people from Douglas County and the Denver area moving down here because of lifestyle considerations (traffic, etc.). We have a lot of military activity coming online as well. Folks from the southern part of town moving north because the majority of our northern communities are relatively new.

We have strategically positioned ourselves in the expanding and very popular northern corridor of El Paso County. This area offers exceptional schools, many recreation options (to include two of the top golf course clubs and communities in the state), as well as a host of new communities that offer a variety of lifestyle amenities within a wide of wonderful natural settings. Our company focuses on both new and existing home opportunities within this corridor…and we also work with a number of the top builders in the County. We recognized that the northern communities of Colorado Springs are in high demand, and there is no wonder why, it’s a great place to live!

The area in general has appreciated, there’s no question about that. I think you’ve got to break it out between resale and new construction. If you’re building new, that’s likely true. A minimum right now is in the $700s. Now, if you’re looking at resale –  there are places in Flying Horse and in the Northgate area where you can stay in the $500s.  Obviously, some of the higher end communities such as Flying Horse North where you’ll see homes surpassing $2 million dollars. In terms of costs, think of it this way… lowest to highest being resale, then production, and finally custom.

At risk of sounding oversimplified…use an agent. Our agents will answer any questions you may have regarding the northern Colorado Springs community marketplace. We recognize that clients want to be well educated regarding market conditions and community details when they are considering relocating to the area.  Utilizing the agent’s expertise will help you determine the right location and the right product for your family and/or lifestyle needs. It is also very important to work with an agent that you trust.

Flying Horse Downtown is a 67.4 acre parcel located in the Flying Horse Masterplan just to the north of, and adjacent to, Pikes Peak State College. Current plans (subject to change) include approximately 3 ½ acres of open space with restaurants, apartments, condos, townhomes, and a potential hotel among the commercial and residential development options.

North, south, east and west…we provide our services in all areas of El Paso County, to include other, adjacent Colorado counties such as Douglas and Teller Counties.